Live Radio - “Now Playing” information

Is there a list of radio stations that work with Roon’s new feature to show “now playing” information.

I’m in the UK and cannot see any information on BBC Radio 3 or 6. JazzFM just shows ‘Stop adbreak1’. Naim Radio does seem to work.

I was really pleased to see this feature, but think I need my expectations reset as it’s not possible in the UX to see if it is working and the artist/track is not recognised, or it’s just not supported for a stream/station.

A page somewhere with working radio stations would be a real help.


None of the flac stations show any info. Just as a starter.

Radio Bluesflac from Spain is FLAC and works. No idea what it is doing right.

Weird. The exception that proves…

Flac in a radio stream is wrapped in an Ogg container which can in principle carry metadata. However, not all audio streaming encoders can deal with it, and it seems that most don’t. I didn’t know Bluesflac could - thanks @andybob, I’ll explore that station further (for my own interest - it won’t make any difference to Roon)

… that proves it’s possible. Next step is to find out what is going right here.

That didn’t take long.
Bluesflac use Rocket Streaming, a replacement for Icecast (the common one, and the one which Radio Paradise use)

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I noticed this right away (as a new user) while setting up radio stations, specifically with Radio Paradise, but I didn’t put two and two together that it was just FLAC stations. So is the recommendation to either just wait until broadcasters add metadata or choose a lesser quality station, such as RP’s 320 AAC stream?

For the time being, I’m afraid so.