Live radio plays, but no Tidal, qobuz or stored music can?

I’m very new to all this, and not technically minded in any way.
I got everything set up and working fine with roon on my big new nas a couple of weeks ago. All of a sudden I can only play live radio via Roon. Trying to play anything from my ripped cd’s on the nas, Tidal and Qobuz leaves me sitting in silence.
Any ideas what to do, and why this has happened?
I’ve just found that if I go directly via my bluesound node 2i then it’s fine, everything is fine until I click the Roon icon on the Node menu when it all stops again.
I’d very much like to understand why I’ve got this problem…!
My nas is a Qnap ts 451+ with 8gb ram, network details I don’t know what to say - bt router with everything hardwired. I’m unaware of anything having changed as one moment I was enjoying music, the next I wasn’t. Sorry I don’t know what more to say…

Please and thank you for any suggestions!

Hello @Steve_Powell, I’ve moved your post to #support where it will be seen by Roon people who can help. To help them, can you give some details about your setup as described here

Thank you Brian!

Right, maybe I should have thought about this more (I blame the 18 painkillers I’m taking each day…) but I’ve just rebooted my nas and everything seems to be working now.
Lesson learnt for me?

When in doubt, turn it off and on again…

Pleased it’s working for you. Let us know if problems recur.

I will in future Brian. It never crossed my mind, in part due to the fact that my old Qnap nas (a TS410) I’d used for ten years and only rebooted it a few times when replacing hard drives or moving house.
Many thanks for your help!

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