Live Radio - reconnect after dropout

I am running V1.7 of the Core server. I successfully added several manual entries for various Radiotunes stations (or associated stations). Each starts playing fine but then stop, usually within 24 hours. I play Radiotunes 24x7 providing background music. When playing these same stations on a Sqzbox Device, minor interruptions in the Internet connection are typically solved by the Sqz device automatically reconnecting, which could take several minutes to achieve. This is also the case for my Grace digital stereo component box (stereo as in device not 2 channel sound).

This could be a problem or simply a new feature request that would:

  1. provide an error recovery mechanism for any station playing.
  2. provide an auto restart function so that if the Roon server application is stopped and restarted, any Live Radio restarts, as would a standalone radio.

This may be an issue with some sort of timer or other “use” detection feature. (long playlists don’t time out.)

I think Roon tries to stay connected over a short (?) station dropout, but any longer and it stops. This is just the way it is.

Asking it to try to reconnect sounds like a reasonable feature request to me, so I’m moving this post to that category.

Thanks. Currently, the radio station seems to run find during the day; however, by the time I open up my desktop the next day, it has stopped. This is consistent. For example, I start the NewAge station and it plays all day and is playing by the time I leave, say 11:00 PM. ( this is all from home). The next morning, the station has stopped. No error or other indication as to why. It would be nice if Roon would post the date/time stamp in the “now playing window” for when playback stops. This would provide an idea of when playback stops.