Live Radio Rename station

I can’t understand previously when I add a new station in my live radio I had the possibility of rename the station.
It is very usefull to organise my live radio ie:
01-France Inter
02-Bayern 01

and so on. If you don’t do that stations are calssified by alphabetical order.
Since few weeks i am in the incapability to rename station.

Somebody can give me back the solution?

In my live radio, select a station by right click or long press. Use the 3 dots edit button which then appears in order to change the name.

Hi Brian,
Thank’s for your help. But when I do that the only option is to delete the station but no option to rename the station.

My mistake. That option is only there for stations you’ve explicitly added yourself. Not via the main library.


Hi @Thierry_Borrat,

As Brian mentioned, this can only be done for stations that are manually added by you and are not in the Live Radio Directory.

Thanks for your help. Yes as you mentioned you need two conditions:
1- Added the station manually
2-The station doesn’t exist in the Live Radio Directory of Roon!

it is an “upgrade” because it was possible few month ago

Hi @Thierry_Borrat,

What is the URL you’re using? If that URL is already used by the directory it is not possible to edit the information in Roon.

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