Live radio shutdown

I daily use Live Radio (BBC radio 4) via Roon. However for the last 3 weeks or so I have difficulty turning it off. When I press the square “stop” button it stops but restarts a few seconds later. I can solve the problem by stopping Roon and restarting but that is slow. Any ideas ?

Has anything changed in your listening environment in the recent past?
Is it just this channel? Do you have multiple endpoints grouped?
Is your mouse getting old and sending double clicks? This happened to me once, drove me even more crazy.
I’m always a nuke it from space kind of guy but Noooo, we should trouble shoot first. :wink:

I have a system that is mostly Sonos with 6 zones. Nothing has changed recenstly. Thanks for the mouse tip, but it can’t be that because I can pause music, no problems. It is just the radio.

A new theory: If I play Radio 4 from Live Radio I can stop it sometimes, sometimes not. If on the other hand I add Radio 4 to My Live Radio it seems (so far) to stop on demand.

That has stopped working now.