Live radio station add request

Please add the following stations to the master library:

KTRB 860 AM San Francisco

KSFO 560 AM San Francisco

KFMB 760 AM San Diego

KFBK (93.1 FM or 1530 AM) Sacramento

Thank you.

Hello @rrwwss52, I’ve managed to add the first three (KFMB US only), but I can’t add KFBK. It is transmitting a chunked stream and Roon can’t currently deal with these. Sorry.

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Thanks for getting those three. KFBK Sacramento is a weird station since it has both FM and AM transmitters assigned. I can still receive it via internet and bluetooth it…

I’m in the US about 75 miles from San Diego. KFMB is a little fuzzy due to terrain via airwaves (even on my CCrane3) so adding it to Roon helps a bunch. Those three letter powerhouses like KFI have a lot more juice than most.

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