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Dear @mike: I have been listening to my local CBC radio station in English on Roon and am now getting the news in Inuktituk ! Here are the two links that were both working fine before the latest update and would appreciate if both could be restored to connect to CBC in Victoria BC. 1. Live Radio | CBC Listen and 2. cc @noris

Hello @Norman_Spector , CBC appear to have updated their streams to HLS format, although perhaps for legacy purposes the old mp3 streams still exist at the moment. However, it appears the old stream for Victoria now carries the Inuktituk version. This is not a function of the recent Roon update as you can check by adding the stream to VLC for instance.

Unfortunately, the HLS stream carries a chunked .ts stream which Roon cannot currently deal with.

(The Victoria Radio One station was actually not in our database, but I was not able to add the English version because of the HLS problem)

When I search this on the internet i get the station but in roon i still get inuktitut q with Tom Power | Live Radio | CBC Listen

That site uses the HLS streams.

Ah, what does CBC vancouver use and what does it use for its mp3 stream?

That’s in our database and uses

As you can see, same format as Victoria except for last 3 characters.

So they converted Victoria but not Vancouver to the new format?

No, there is an HLS stream for Vancouver, but I can’t add it.

why is the old Victoria format not in english any more?

I don’t know, and haven’t been able to find out.

OK; I’ll see what I can find out [I’m a panelist on the station] and let you know


That would be helpful, thank you.

Seems to be working now

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