Live Radio Stations will often not start and always stop playing after 20-30 sec on my roon ready Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3

Live Radio Stations will often not start and always stop playing after 20-30 sec on my roon ready Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3.


Roon Version: 1.8 build 790 stable (64 bit)

Roon Core: Roon Optimized Core Kit on a Intel NUC NUC10i5FNH, connected via Gigabit LAN directly to a AVM Fritzbox 6491 cable router.

Music Library, SSD internal storage on the Intel NUC.

Roon Remotes: Windows 10, iPad Pro 2018, Google Pixel 5 (wifi, 2.4 and 5GHz)

Roon Endpoints: Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 (roon ready), a couple of Chromecast Audios, Chromecast Smart speakers, Topping E30 DAC directly connected to the Roon Core via USB


Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3, connected via LAN or wifi


With Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3, all live radio stations will often not start playback or stop playing after 20-30 sec, no exception. Roon tells me something along the lines of “address has changed or is temporarily not available”.

The same stations will play just fine whenever one of my other Roon endpoints is selected, so my network should not be the culprit.


Router Fritzbox 6491, Fritz Repeater 2400, Fritz Repeater 3000, Mesh Network

What I tried so far:

  • Reboot Core, reboot router and repeaters + latest firmware, firmware update on Matrix Audio device → same error
  • try Roon Core on a Windows 10 PC → same error
  • Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 connect directly to Roon Core (Intel NUC) via USB, connect via LAn to Fritzbox or via wifi to Fritzbox or Fritz Repeater → same error
  • talk to Matrix Audio Customer Support: they first said their Mini-i worked ok but later could replicate the same phenomenon with two different devices:

“Thanks for your feedback. According to your issue, we tested other brand (Auralic Aries Mini/ Bluesound Node2i )in our labs, the situation is same to yours. It shows Unable to play this station after start to play for 5-10 secs.”

Please advise!


Hi Tarnopol, welcome to the community!!

I have the same problem, a disconnect after about 5 minutes on Live Radio. This problem doesn’t occur on my Cambridge CXN v2 so it could also be a problem of the Matrix Audio Mini, they recently released a new firmware version: C713B8 Since then I also have this problem.
Otoh it might be a Roon problem, both Roon and Matrix released new software @ about the same time. Or the combination of the releases…

I posted this in the Matrix Audio forum this week:
This issue is under investigation by Matrix audio I guess.

Hi Cao Wei, I am using firmware version C713B8.
I am having problems since the firmware update when streaming “Live Radio” channels from Roon.
After 5 to 7 minutes the stream disconnects (wifi) 8 minutes with UTP and does’t start over from itself. I have to push play again in Roon to start the Live Radio stream.

Also known issues reported by Matrix audio:

Known issues on C713A8/C713B8:

  • Auto brightness, auto standby not work. (Will be fixed by next update)

Matrix Forum: Matrix Audio Community

@Tarnopol I posted your mail in the Matrix Audio forum.

Thank you for the feedback. To be honest, I also think it’s something with the Mini-i 3, as I pretty much ruled out all other factors.

However, I also asked some Mini-i owners on another discussion board, and their devices were working. Could be though that they still had an older firmware version.


I’m not so sure anymore that it is a Matrix mini-i issue, Tobias tested this on 2 other devices and they also disconnected after a short period of streaming Live Radio. This has to be investigated by the support team.

Anyone else having similar issues with streaming Live Radio?
Stream disconnecting within 5 minutes?

Actually, Matrix Audio Support tested this with two other devices and noticed they disconnected after a couple of seconds. Before, they were telling me their Mini-i test device is working ok.

In any case, Roon should have a look at this. I’m happy to provide server logs etc.

OK let’s wait on support to respond.

Streaming Live Radio on my Cambridge CXN v2 is OK the Matrix mini disconnects after about 5 minutes.

Not like me to stay on an old firmware release, but I have skipped this one. I will try and test live radio later and see if it is an issue on the older release as well (got to be honest I do not think I have tried live radio in the last year)

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That would be fantastic if you could could give it a try!

Just got home and tried two radio stations and neither of them lasted more than 10 second’s. Actually caused the Mini I-Pro to stop responding to Roon play commands (powered down and ok again).
Just installing the update now to see if it makes any difference

Edit: no difference after the update, if anything it is worse. Started the same streams on my Sonos Amp and it works perfectly, do it looks like a Matrix audio issue.

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So what does this tell us? Its probably not the Matrix Audio firmware. Are you on the latest Roon version? Maybe the latest Roon update did break something and it no longer plays nice with the Mini-i 3?

Thanks for testing Michael, when Live Radio works on your Sonos and my Cambridge and not on both our Matrix Audio mini devices…

Cheers John.

btw can you downgrade your Matrix firmware?

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John I have no idea but I doubt it as it’s on the interface

Yes I am on the latest version of everything (including Roon) now, so I guess it’s a general MA issue, rather than the latest firmware.

Thanks for checking, I think MA will respond next week.

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No problem and happy to try and help

Btw, same story when I try to play live radio stations via Bluetooth from my phone to the Mini-i Pro 3.

Hi @tarnopol,

Thank you for breaking the ice and posting on community when you ran into an issue - a very belated welcome to the Roon community!

It looks like you’ve gotten a chance to interact with a few of our subscribers - thank you and to everyone who’s helped :pray:

Before looping in our technical team, I wanted to check in and see if Live Stations are behaving the same way still?

Hi Rebeka no change, disconnect within 5 minutes on my matrix audio Mini-i pro 3.
Issue doesn’t occur on my Cambridge CXN v2.
Matrix audio is aware of this issue, they were able to reproduce this on the Mini-i and also on other devices…

Cheers John