Live radio stops

I played NPO 2 for 3 hours without problems this afternoon.
Is it just this station or do you get the same effect with others?

What about other endpoints?

Is this a similar issue to that reported earlier with BBC steams on Sonos.
Still unresolved to my knowledge although thread closed.

[Problem with AAC Radio Streams to Sonos over WiFi


I don’t think so, the OP states he removed his Sonos kit.

A propos that other thread, it shouldn’t have been closed, that was an automatic forum software action. I’ve opened the thread again.


Hi Brian, thanks for your reply.
If I use Sonos, NPO2 plays all day.
I will check a different station tomorrow and revert.

This morning I played Kink (http://players Same issue.
After approximately 2 hours the stream stops and I will have to restart manually.

Ok, then I think It’s something in your setup. I’m moving this to #support. In order to help the @support team sort it out can you fill in as much as you can about your setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Hi Brian,

I uploaded the requested information. Please let me know if you need anything else.
Thanks again for your support.

Where did you post it?
It needs to be in this thread so it ties in with your comments so far.

Hi Brian,

I think something went wrong.
Can you see the attachments?

All ok now, thanks. Support will be along in due course.

Hey @Sydney_Sohier,

Thanks so much for choosing to reach out and for collaborating with our subscribers while we got a chance to reply. I am very sorry about the delay :pleading_face:

I’ve moved your thread into our technical team’s queue, so they can follow up with more insight and possible steps.

In the meantime, if you wanted to fully reboot your Core, that would be great, just to see if it has an impact on the length of time you can listen to one given radio station.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hello Rebecca, I restarted my Core but so far this had no effect.

Thank you @Sydney_Sohier,

Both for trying to reboot your Core and for keeping us posted. This will help our technical team.

If I may venture ask one more question while they reply, does this behavior (radio stopping after a couple of hours) happen when you stream to any of your audio endpoints?

Hi Rebecca,

When I had a Sonos Connect installed this problem did not occur. But then I used the Sonos application to stream radio.

When Roon introduced live radio, I took out the Connect.

I now stream directly to my KEF LS50W.

I will check the live radio stream with the Sonos speakers today and let you know.

Hi Rebecca,

I am having a problem with my Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 3, after 5 to 15 minutes live radio stops streaming. I tested this for several days, wifi and utp. The same result, there is no error message in Roon, the stream just stops. When I push play I can listen for another 5 to 15 minutes. I tried various channels, all with the same result.

The strange thing is that on my other streamer, Cambridge CXN v2 the stream isn’t interrupted, this streamer is connected to wifi.

I rebooted my Rock server , that didn’t solve the issue.

This issue started about 14 days ago, after the latest Roon update and also about 14 days ago new firmware for the Matrix mini, bad luck :frowning:
I reported the issue in the Matrix forum, they don’t think it is a Roon issue.

Some lines from the Matrix community:

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Question 04-21-2021, 07:11 AM (This post was last modified: 04-22-2021, 01:23 AM by Cao Wei.)

Dear customer:

If you encounter any bugs in using Matrix Audio mini-i 3 series products, please follow up in this thread. When reporting a bug, please specify the device model, firmware version of the device, the model of your mobile phone (if applied), the model of other equipment matched with it, and the usage scenario where the bug happened, or the procedure to reproduce the bug.

This thread only about bugs. If you have any suggestions, comments, or other functional requirements for the product, please start a new thread separately.

Quote:Known issues on C713A8/C713B8:

  • Auto birghtness, auto standby not work. (Will be fixed by next update)

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04-21-2021, 11:18 AM (This post was last modified: 04-21-2021, 11:37 AM by Jan_1065.)

Hi Cao Wei, I am using firmware version C713B8.

I am having problems since the firmware update when streaming “Live Radio” channels from Roon.
After 5 to 7 minutes the stream disconnects (wifi) 8 minutes with UTP and does’t start over from itself. I have to push play again in Roon to start the Live Radio stream. This disconnect does not occur with Qobuz or Tidal streaming through Roon to my Matrix mini-i Pro3
I tried this with ethernet and also with wifi, there is no difference disconnecting.
My switch is a Netgear: GS110TP and My wireless router is the TP-Link EPA245 - AC1750.
I also have a Cambridge CXN v2 this streamer keeps on playing, never disconnects.
All music I play is with Roon. If you want me to do some testing, feel free :slight_smile:

an_1065 Wrote:Hi Cao Wei, I am using firmware version C713B8.

I am having problems since the firmware update when streaming “Live Radio” channels from Roon.
After 5 to 7 minutes the stream disconnects (wifi) 8 minutes with UTP and does’t start over from itself. I have to push play again in Roon to start the Live Radio stream.
Thanks for reporting.Is there any notification or error info from Roon Remote app or Roon Core? when the interrupt happens.

Hi Cao Wei,

No error notification from Roon remote or Roon core.

Hi Cao Wei, my reply on the previous mail from Tarnopol.

It looks like it is a Matrix Audio issue, streaming to my Cambridge CXN v2 (wifi) is very OK.
I tried UTP and Wifi with the mini-i Pro3 both options disconnecting from Live Radio in about 5 minutes. I tested it again today april 24, same result. Any ideas?

Cheers Jan.

Hi Tarnopol, welcome to the community!!
I have the same problem, a disconnect after about 5 minutes on Live Radio. This problem doesn’t occur on my Cambridge CXN v2 so it could also be a problem of the Matrix Audio Mini, they recently released a new firmware version: C713B8 Since then I also have this problem.
Otoh it might be a Roon problem, both Roon and Matrix released new software @ about the same time. Or the combination of the releases…
I posted this in the Matrix Audio forum this week:
This issue is under investigation by Matrix audio I guess.

Hi Cao Wei, I am using firmware version C713B8.
I am having problems since the firmware update when streaming “Live Radio” channels from Roon.
After 5 to 7 minutes the stream disconnects (wifi) 8 minutes with UTP and does’t start over from itself. I have to push play again in Roon to start the Live Radio stream.

Also known issues reported by Matrix audio:
Known issues on C713A8/C713B8:

Rebecca I think Matrix is investigating this issue very seriously.

Cheers John.

Hi again,
If I use Roon for one of the Sonos speakers, the live radio stream is not interrupted (up to now).

I’m a little surprised actually.

I recently developed this problem with BBC radio 4, which I listen to all day. I was pleased when I noticed that the program name was being displayed like a track title at the bottom of the window. I noticed a pattern that the dropping of the stream was happening at the end of some programs and thought it was not playing the next program or “track” as I have ROON Radio switched off. I changed to another BBC R4 stream which I loaded myself and has no program information. It has been streaming continuously. Could it be that the addition of program information to some radio streams is confusing ROON Radio into thinking the next program is in the queue.

I think so. I remember that streams with meta-data can be wonky. @BrianW might be able to say more.

I don’t think that’s the same issue. That was when a FLAC stream incorporated metadata in a substream by substream format. The BBC high bit rate stream is different.

Here we are using @alec_eiffel 's metadata service which pulls metadata from an associated server and adds it to Roon. As far as I can see this should not have any effect on the audio streaming, but @alec_eiffel will know for sure.

For what it’s worth, I have just played the high quality BBC R4 stream ovsr a program change and had no problems.

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@BrianW: you’re perfectly right. The original audio stream is kept untouched, the Roon Core is retrieving metadata separetely from another dedicated server, and the Roon Client is displaying it. I can’t imagine that the extra load on the network of periodically retrieving metadata can “break” the audio stream. I am a daily Live Radio listener and in the last months I have not experienced any dropouts on the “metadata enhanced” audio streams, including BBC 3 and 6 (I don’t listen to BBC Radio 4).
More details on the Live RAdio metadata service here : Roon Exclusive: Live Radio metadata for 80+ stations incl. BBC, Radio France, FLAC radios and more

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