Live radio: West coast Golden Radio

Hi, I’m trying to stream West Coast Golden Radio, but it’s not working. It has worked before, but recently stopped working. Have been in contact with WCGR, and got a number of different codes to test, but none work.
Kind regards Peter

Hello @Peter_Kembe and welcome. I’ve tried to add that station but Roon won’t accept it and it’s not clear why. I’ve tried their 192k and 128k streams but neither work.

I’ll pass on the problem URLs to the Roon devs.

Hello, ok. I hope Roon devs can solve it.
Another question, what in your opinion do I get the best quality when streaming music in aac+ 64 kbps or mp2 128 bps?
Regards Peter

mp3 128 kbps

I think it depends on what sort of music you like.
Whichever you prefer.

Is the problem with West Coast Golden radio?
Regards Peter

I passed the issue on to the Roon Devs. We’ll have to wait for them, but I suspect the problem lies in the station adding an ID3 tag to the beginning of the stream (but I’m not an expert).

You said earlier that that station had supplied you with some alternative streams. Can you share them?