Live Radio / Wrong address on Deluxe Lounge Radio

Roon Core Machine

ROCK on Intel NUC10i3FNH

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

HiFiBerry, Logitech Transporter, Logitech Boom

Number of Tracks in Library

3000 tracks

Description of Issue

There are two channels in Roon, Deluxe Music Radio and Deluxe Lounge Radio. The same program is running on both channels, the sream address on Deluxe Lounge Radio is probably incorrect and should be corrected.

Here is an overview with all available channels and streams:

More information at Radio - DELUXE MUSIC.

Hello @Alexander_Lang , I’ve changed the URL for Deluxe Lounge, but I’m working in the dark. The streams are only available to DE, CH and AT and for some reason the station will not accept my VPN. Thus I can’t check.

If you tell me that everything works, I’ll add other streams.

EDIT. Used a different VPN. Stream works. I’ll add other streams.

I’ve added Deluxe 2000, Schlager Deluxe and Deluxe Easy Radio to the database.
All geo-restricted to DE, AT and CH.

Hi Brian, I’ve checked all Deluxe Radio streams, they work fine and the channels are correct. I only noticed one little thing about the logo for Deluxe Lounge Radio: There are two thin lines on the right and below.

Thank you for correction and enhancement.

Oh, sorry about that. As I can’t load the station in Roon (not being in the right country) I can’t see the issue. However, I’ve now loaded an image from a different source - is that any better?

Yes, now it’s perfect! Just discovered, with channels Easy and Schlager it is the same with the two lines.

Ok, I’ve tried an alternative for each. Any better?

Everything is fine now. Thank you!

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