Live view of just added Tidal album

Steps to reproduce (Windows version of Roon):

  • playing a song from new Tidal album (not yet in the library)
  • add this album to the library (problem seems to be the same with any album)
  • album view no longer shows, which song is currently playing, but I can now Like the song (hearts)
  • if I click on just playing and navigate to album from there, I can again see, which song from the album is playing, but hearts go away and I again see button to add album to the library
    If I close Roon and start it again, problem goes away. I can see both song of the album that is playing as well as hearts to click. Seems like without this step Roon doesn’t recognize currently played song belongs to the just added album.

Hi @Dejan_Beznec,

We have some information about this here:

This is currently the expected behavior when playing music that is not in your library. Apologies for any confusion!

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