LMS not found by Roon.app on iPad but is found by Roon.app on iPhone and MacMini

Roon Core Machine

MacMini M1 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired MacMini and SqueezeBox touch
Asus RT-AX92U router for WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

SqueezeBox touch EtherNet

Number of Tracks in Library

Still indexing… about 10K

Description of Issue

Just started a 14 day trial. Got Core setup on my MacMini, and connected to my SqueezeBox Touch once I figured out what needed to be done. Playing Music OK.
My iPhone I installed Roon.app, and it too works great as a remote to the Core controlling playback on the Squeezebox. However, Roon.app on my iPad just spins searching for any Squeezebox devices. All OS versions are latest from Apple (as os 12/1/2023).

I have restarted the iPad. What can I try now?.

Regards, Derek Denyer

This doesn’t make any sense? The only thing i can suspect is that you are running two instances of Roon Core on your main unit?

It is not the Control (iPad app) that connects to the Squeezebox, it is your Core…
Therefore, it seems that you are connected to two different Cores?

On the iPad, go to Settings General, and press the “disconnect” part, make a screen shot and post (the yellow marking)

What happened was this. I first tried to install Roon Server, but I just got a message (which I unfortunately dismissed before I read it). It seemed nothing was running. So then I installed Roon. It’s seems this is what was causing the issue. I killed the 2 server processes, and connected the iPad to the regular Roon Core. AOK now., Thanks


RoonServer has no GUI. It runs in the background.

Why the two? I want to keep RoonServer running in the background for other clients to use without having to have the full graphical version up all the time. You can run both on the same machine, you just have to set it up right. If you setup RoonServer first, you can then install Roon on the same machine as a client. That way you only open the GUI client when you want to.

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