Load filters without Windows or Mac

I currently do not have access to a Windows or Mac PC, and I do not seem to be able to load .zip files as convolution filters from my ipad controller. I am running core on a Ubuntu PC. Is there a way to load the filters using Linux, or will I need to put together another PC to do this? Edit: Assuming I could do this, could I set up the filter to be used on my ipad as a player (zone)?

You can run Roon on Linux to setup the convolution filters. DSP settings, and so also filters, are zone dependent, there’s no way AFAIK to setup global DSP settings. So yes, when you setup a filter for the zone that is your iPad then the filter will be applied whenever you play to that zone.

You can reuse filters and other DSP settings by loading them in one zone, then define that as a preset, then loading that preset for another zone. Other settings that are also caught in that preset can be overridden in the new zone, and then you save that result as a new preset.

The mechanism you use for loading the filters need only be temporary. Once you have managed to load the filters, they are stored in your Roon database and whatever box you used to upload them to Roon is no longer necessary.

But as HiFi systems tend to get updated from time to time when newer/better hardware becomes available and/or circumstances/environments change, it might always be handy to have a device that’s a complete Roon Control and allows for all changes to be made.