Load from Roon extentions

I am new to Roon but has it up and running on my homemade NAS with a AsRock motherboard AsRock j5005 ITX.
It runs in a KVM VM with 3 CPU cores and 2 Gb ram- It seems to be running smooth accessing my 22000 Flac files through NFS.
My playback equipment is 5 Sonos Zones and a RPi with HifiBerry Digi+Pro to my Benchmark DAC1
I was wondering whether I should try to make ROCK run in a virtuel machine but ROCK only supports SMB files and SMB is a very slow and CPU intensive protocol.
And since ROCK doesn’t support extentions i will keep my Roon core running on Ubuntu server 18.04 i a KVM VM.
In my current setup I have not seen CPU load above 50% of a single CPU core when playing a 192/24 Flac on a 44/16 sonos zone. I have no music with higher resolution than this. This indicates lots of free CPU power to do more work.
I am planning on tinkering with room correction through the Roon extentions but are unsure on how much CPU taxation it will lead to.
Any suggestions on how much extra CPU load shall I expect when I begin running the extention with room corrections on my core server?