Loading album hangs after recent updates

Ever since the recent updates, my roon clients have difficulty “loading album.”. It hangs. If I select a song from the historical search for example it attempts to load album and hangs.

If however I search for the song anew it is able to play it directly from the new search results.

But loading album algorithm fails constantly.

Any ideas?

If you mean play a track from the History tab, then it depends if it is a streaming track or local track. The tracks listed in History are a link to the track as it exited at the time of playback. Streaming services remove and then reload content all the time. To Roon, those would be different database objects. So, it is possible that Track A you played 5 months ago had gotten replaced, which means the link in History won’t work, but a new search will bring up the replaced content and will work.

Sorry I should have been clear that I do not use the streaming services. One of the reasons is that the streaming services often do not have the original music for the classics I listen to. So the database is strictly local on a NUC that is dedicated solely to running the Roon Sever. No other applications or GUIs, clean. Fedora Server software.

It has worked seamlessly for years, but the recent updates have rendered difficulty in the software accessing the music. I can get arond it sometimes, but some ‘links’ require the sofware to “load album” and it hangs.



This is not the support section so Roon support will not see it in this section most liekly. Have you posted your issue in Support? If not and you want help you should do so.


can you point me to the support section? All I can find is the knowledge base and the help center which have pre fabricated questions that do not address this issue.