Loading artist screens crashes Roon remote client

On April 11th I opened a support thread with this problem. Another user with apparently the same problem came on board, and I yesterday found out that one of the other guy’s posts was marked as solution… can’t remember having been dumb enough to do so myself, but who knows what I am doing when fast asleep…

Anyway, here we go once more:

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core on custom PC with Intel i5 8600K, 16 GB RAM, Ubuntu 20.04.4 server on NVMe M.2 SSD.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Not relevant

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Remote running o iMac, MacOS 10.15.7.

DAC connected via USB to RPi 4/RoPieee.

Number of Tracks in Library

About 220.000

Description of Issue

I can consistently crash the Roon Remote (latest build 931, but happened on the latest previous builds, too) on my iMac by trying to load certain artist screens.

P.ej. trying to load the artist page for ‘Laurence Dreyfus’ crashes the Roon client on MacOS. I have restarted Roon Core several times, and the problem can be consistently reproduced. I have observed this problem occasionally on recent builds, previous to 931. It is not a problem new to 931. Every time the problem manifests itself, another artist’s artist page is affected. When the Roon client crashes, it must be ‘Force Quit’ to close the window.

During the last 11 days since reporting this for the first time I have found near daily examples for this problem. But it’s always another artist’s screen which causes the Roon client to crash, and I have not seen the client crashing in other circumstances–only by trying to load artists’ screens.

The server logs don’t seem to give helpful hints about what is going on. The client is crashing all on its own:

04/11 13:35:24 Info: [library/performerdetails] Created performer details screen for LibraryPerformer[10785886, Laurence Dreyfus]
04/11 13:35:24 Info: [library/performerdetails] 5e01d3db6a7c3aab4843a0aa760cd3dcb974, 7a004d4e30303030373731313232, a70035343232333335, c900373337303539, d3003731313135373335, bf00353134303734
04/11 13:35:24 Trace: [dbperf] flush 0 bytes, 0 ops in 1 ms (cumulative 2268 bytes, 2 ops in 43591 ms)
04/11 13:35:24 Info: [library] saved recent ProfileId=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573 Time=4/11/2022 6:35:23 PM DataType=performer Type=search MetadataId=10785886 ContentId= LibraryId=10785886 Text= Genre=
04/11 13:35:24 Trace: [songkick] REQUEST http://api.songkick.com/api/3.0/artists/mbid:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/calendar.json
04/11 13:35:24 Debug: FULL: http://api.songkick.com/api/3.0/artists/mbid:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/calendar.json?apikey=vxBJyE3rDrZzN3MA&page=1
04/11 13:35:24 Trace: [performer/works] Rebuild() took 17ms
04/11 13:35:24 Trace: [performer/works] Compute() took 0ms
04/11 13:35:24 Trace: [performer/albums] Loading for Sooloos.Broker.Music.LibraryPerformerDetails
04/11 13:35:24 Trace: [performer/albums] Rebuild() took 7ms
04/11 13:35:24 Trace: [performer/albums] Compute() took 0ms
04/11 13:35:24 Trace: [performer/albums] Loading for Sooloos.Broker.Music.LibraryPerformerDetails
04/11 13:35:24 Debug: [easyhttp] [237] POST to https://metadata.roonlabs.net/1/performers/translate?c=tidal-co returned after 979 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [241] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/works/byform?profileId=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1066 ms, status code: 404
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [247] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/albums/heydayv2?profileId=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1074 ms, status code: 404
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [254] POST to https://browse.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/works?grouping=none&ordering=popularity&ascending=false&periodsMode=and&formsMode=and&instrumentationsMode=and&c=tidal-co returned after 257 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:25 Trace: [performer/works] Browser load from service took 258ms
04/11 13:35:25 Trace: [performer/works] Rebuild() took 46ms
04/11 13:35:25 Trace: [performer/works] Compute() took 0ms
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [255] GET to https://metadata.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/relationships?c=tidal-co returned after 303 ms, status code: 304
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [243] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/featured/collaboration?profileId=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1123 ms, status code: 404
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [248] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/featured/coveredperformer?profileId=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1123 ms, status code: 404
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [244] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/composers/similar?profileId=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1124 ms, status code: 404
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [250] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/performers/top?profile=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1123 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [252] POST to https://browse.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/albums?grouping=auto&ordering=originalReleaseDate&ascending=true&genresMode=and&rolesMode=and&composersMode=and&conductorsMode=and&producersMode=and&ensemblesMode=and&performersMode=and&labelsMode=and&c=tidal-co returned after 839 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [249] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/conductors/top?profile=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1123 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [242] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/performers/notablebandmembers?profileId=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1124 ms, status code: 404
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [238] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/tracks/top?count=20&profile=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1124 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [253] POST to https://browse.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/tracks?grouping=performance&ordering=popularity&ascending=false&genresMode=and&rolesMode=and&composersMode=and&conductorsMode=and&producersMode=and&ensemblesMode=and&performersMode=and&worksMode=and&labelsMode=and&periodsMode=and&formsMode=and&instrumentationsMode=and&c=tidal-co returned after 321 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:25 Debug: [easyhttp] [240] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/albums/recommended?profile=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 1124 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:25 Trace: [performer/albums] Browser load from service took 839ms
04/11 13:35:25 Trace: [performer/albums] Rebuild() took 13ms
04/11 13:35:25 Trace: [performer/albums] Compute() took 9ms
04/11 13:35:25 Trace: [dbperf] flush 0 bytes, 0 ops in 1 ms (cumulative 2268 bytes, 2 ops in 43592 ms)
04/11 13:35:25 Trace: [performer/tracks] Browser load from service took 350ms
04/11 13:35:26 Trace: [performer/tracks] Rebuild() took 984ms
04/11 13:35:26 Trace: [performer/tracks] Compute() took 8ms
04/11 13:35:26 Trace: [dbperf] flush 0 bytes, 0 ops in 3 ms (cumulative 2268 bytes, 2 ops in 43595 ms)
04/11 13:35:26 Debug: [easyhttp] [239] GET to http://api.songkick.com/api/3.0/artists/mbid:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/calendar.json?apikey=vxBJyE3rDrZzN3MA&page=1 returned after 2151 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:26 Debug: [easyhttp] [251] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/performers/alsofrom?profile=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 2151 ms, status code: 404
04/11 13:35:26 Trace: [songkick] GOT  /api/3.0/artists/mbid:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/calendar.json in 2152ms
04/11 13:35:27 Debug: [easyhttp] [246] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/albums/new?profile=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 3365 ms, status code: 200
04/11 13:35:31 Debug: [easyhttp] [245] GET to https://discover.roonlabs.net/1/performers/94:1:7c6adbd3-ab3a-4348-a0aa-760cd3dcb974/performers/similar?profileId=b5e38f82-6cd8-4877-84be-59236a24c573&c=tidal-co returned after 6994 ms, status code: 200

Today I suddenly ran into the same problem. Trying to open the artist’s page of “Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble” the remote freezes and has to be killed via the Task Manger (I’m on Windows).
By the way, the Roon remote process hogs loads of RAM while not being able to load the artist’s page:

The RAM usage grows by about half a GB in 1’50’’. That’s alarming.
And this frozen process also maxes out 1 thread:

Did you find the same, @Andreas_Philipp1 ?

Edit: I have just tested this on another Windows machine in my home and that went fine. No freeze!
Verrrry strange.

Edit 2: Restarting the Roon core did not fix this, neither did rebooting the PC.

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I have not checked RAM usage/CPU load on the iMac when the Roon app crashes. Will do so next time I see the problem.

That’s my experience, too. For me, every day another artist’s screen is affected. I simply kill the Roon Remote and then start it again. If I try to visit the affected artist’s screen after restarting the Remote, it will crash again. After restarting the Core and visiting the artist’s screen, the Remote will crash. But, strangely, the next day I can load this artist’s page just fine and another artist’s page will crash the Roon Remote…

It just happened again, and it is exactly how you describe… One CPU core at 100%, and memory use of the crashed App steadily and rapidly increasing.

Here the memory use of the recently started Roon App on my iMac. When it had crashed, memory usage jumped to over 3,5 GB and was rapidly increasing at a rate of about 50 MB every 5 seconds.

I have this problem on Windows 11.

The pattern I see is that the crashes seem to occur with native language artist names. A few releases ago roon replaced all common anglicised artist names with their native language names and I have been experiencing a lot of instability ever since.

The name of the “Academy of St Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble” is not ‘foreign’, and still opening its artist’s page causes Roon to crash on my machine. So my experience here seems not to concur with yours.
@Andreas_Philipp1 This is the third day in a row that the “Academy of St Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble” Artist’s page crashes my Roon remote client. And I’ve had no crashes with other artists. So this does not concur with your experience, either.

I have no problems. The only shared pattern then is accessing certain artist pages.

I have no problems with the “Academy of St Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble”…

But today I can’t load the artist page for Evgeni Koroliov:

And here’s the Roon Remote’s logs to show how the RAM usage is going up immediately after the freeze of the Window:

04/25 12:21:49 Info: [stats] 6366mb Virtual, 872mb Physical, 405mb Managed
04/25 12:22:04 Info: [stats] 6660mb Virtual, 1086mb Physical, 537mb Managed
04/25 12:22:19 Info: [stats] 6936mb Virtual, 1290mb Physical, 662mb Managed
04/25 12:22:34 Info: [stats] 7195mb Virtual, 1483mb Physical, 783mb Managed
04/25 12:22:45 Warn: [ui/slowness] widget scrollhandleparent(4342) > label(4343) took 258ms to OnLayout
04/25 12:22:49 Info: [stats] 7439mb Virtual, 1589mb Physical, 894mb Managed
04/25 12:23:04 Info: [stats] 7672mb Virtual, 1757mb Physical, 1002mb Managed
04/25 12:23:19 Info: [stats] 7900mb Virtual, 1815mb Physical, 1108mb Managed
04/25 12:23:25 Warn: [ui/slowness] widget scrollbar_parent(4340) took 340ms to _Update

Hopefully we get the attention of Roon support… there must be a bug which should be taken care of.

PD: After this last freeze on loading the Evgeni Koroliov artist page I had to purge Roon completely on my iMac and then do a fresh install. There must be a saved state which always caused the client to go this artist’s page on client restart, just to freeze and crash again. This is very annoying…

@Andreas_Philipp1 and @Hans_Valeton, we have been tracking a number of bugs which result in similar behavior to what you’re reporting here. Please try again with today’s release (build 933) and let us know if that results in an improvement.


Hi @AMP,

I have already updated the Core and the iMac (Remote), and I was able to visit the artist screens which today resulted in a freeze. It seems as if today’s update had taken care of this problem.

In the next 2-3 days I will continue to monitor this, and if there are no new freezes, I will mark your post as solution and the thread can then be closed.

Thank you very much!


What do you say, @Hans_Valeton? After updating to Build 933 I have clicked on many artists to load their respective pages, and have not yet been able to find one which would block the client. Have you been able to update and check out this new build?

Nope, still the very same problem. I’ve updated both core and clients to 933, restarted the core twice and when that didn’t help, rebooted the PC on which both the core and the crashing client reside, but to no avail. On a different PC within my intranet the client (also on 933) does not crash, just as it did not do so before.
Interestingly I’ve only encountered this problem with just this one artist, the now ‘infamous’ “Academy of St Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble”…
Whetever could be my problem?

Ah, that’s bad news… :angry:

I have now gone through all the artists I could remember as having presented the problem during the last couple of weeks… today all are working fine. Will continue to visit artists’ pages in the next couple of days and will report back.

Maybe your case is some specific edge case… hopefully @AMP can help with getting to the root of this…

Maybe your Roon core has a will of its own… just doesn’t like the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Chamber Ensemble… Maybe try this ensemble… look at the great photo in Roon:

@AMP, I have previously reported similar symptoms in another thread. The 993 release has made no difference.

My specific example is:

Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich

My work-around is to merge crashing artists with non-crashing ones so that I never press a crashing link. This particular example I can remember. It has happened several times before with other artists that I can no longer remember.

@Andreas_Philipp1 Yes, why not take the approach of only listening to non crashing ensembles? :grin:
But all jokes aside: thanks for the tip. I already have the following two albums in my collection.

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I think I have found a workaround for my particular problem and I posted it here:

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