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Hello…it’s been a while since I last loaded convolution filters from HAF (Home Audio Fidelity) into my Nucleus+. The filters remain zipped however I forget where in ROON (open on my laptop) do I drag them? Thanks!

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Thank you Marin…still unsure where in Roon I drag the files from laptop?

Do I simply drag filters to zone icon bottom right of your illustration? Thanks, Mac

Click the Browse button as described in the help page I linked and as shown in step 4 in @Marin_Weigel’s screenshot?

A window will open to choose a file, navigate to where your zip file is and select it.

Sorry if I’m missing something. The confusion lies in exact location I move generated filters from laptop to Roon. Once they’re in Roon it seems pretty clear to me.

Sorry if I am missing something :slight_smile: What happens when you click the Browse button, can you then not go to wherever on your computer the zip file is and select it?

Browse button reveals filters & says they’re already loaded but won’t let me select.

Can you post a screenshot of what you see?
I’m not a Nucleus or Rock user myself, but you may have to have access to the location where the new filters reside, or move them to the Nucleus’ drive!?

I am back home now. Using Windows remote with a ROCK. Clicking the Browse button on the Convolution filter page, as shown above in the screenshot by Marin, opens the file browser and I can select zip files from it:

Thank you! I will try again when I get home from work.

Note that the file name must end in “.zip”. Files with other extensions flash once if you click them, but they cannot be selected.

(The contents does not seem to matter for selection. The test.zip in my screenshot is just an empty file called *.zip)

Thinking back on failed attempts to load filters, I believe when I clicked on browse in dsp, then tried to select a filter, I get a red warning banner saying already loaded preventing me from selecting a filter option.

Are you sure that you haven’t loaded the same filter.zip previously? Maybe you can do it only once? (I’m not a convolution user myself)

Try creating a new file in the same location as your filter.zip and name it something.zip. Then try loading that. Can you select that one in the browser?

Will try tonite. Thank you for reaching out.

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That never happened to me with a Windows core (10 or 11).
To verify, I just loaded the exact same filters as had been loaded already and they get loaded once more successfully.

Report about your findings, please!

I overlooked or misunderstood the early step that specifies collating WAV files only in a zipped folder. Then select that folder from C drive on laptop & load into ROON Nucleus. The rest of the process was familiar. Thank you all for your help!

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