Loading Roon without any artwork

So whenever I start RoonServer and Roon client on my Windows 10 machine, Roon opens fine but without any artwork. I then proceed to shutdown RoonServer and reload it and then it loads fine with all artwork.

Anyone else experienced this and what is the fix?

Hi @Milan_Peyrac,

Are you running Roon and RoonServer on the same Windows machine?

Do you see this same behavior with other remote devices?

yep its the same windows machine and I just checked and it only affects the machine. Others are loading the artwork fine, while the windows box has the prescribed problem until I reload the roonServer.

Hi @Milan_Peyrac ,

On this device if you go to Settings | Setup | Memory for Photos/Artwork and increase this value, is there any change?

Let me check and come back with an update. Thanks for your help.

I had it at 2048. I’ve turned it down to 1536. In your opinion what value is best?

My setup is
64GB memory
2TB ssd

Hi @Milan_Peyrac,

You have quite a lot of memory available, so you could turn it up a bit more and see if that helps. The best value will depend on how much other work is being done on your Core machine while Roon is in use.

@dylan I have done some extensive testing and no matter which option I set it to I notice that I am getting the same behavior. Either I need to shutdown roonServer and also reload the roon PC app multiple times.

Is there anything else I can try?

Hi @Milan_Peyrac,

Moving forward, I’d like to enable some diagnostics on your account. First, I was hoping we could do the following:

  • Restart RoonServer so that things are working correctly
  • When you first notice that artwork stops loading, make a note of the time and take a screenshot of what you’re seeing

Once you’ve done this, respond here with the time that you see the issue occur, your timezone, and the screenshot of what you’re seeing. After that I’ll enable diagnostics so the team can take a look.


Great, thanks Dylan. I will do this in a few hours time.

Like I said it happens when RoonServer/Roon loads up for the first time. I will be sure to include all the information you require including screenshot.

Appreciate your help.

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apologies Dylan, not had time yet. Will come back to you before the weekend is out

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Hi Dylan,

So I restarted roonServer and opened Roon on the same windows machine. The same issue is observed with artwork not loading.

Timestamp - 8:00pm AEST - 25/5/19

Screenshot -

Restarted RoonServer 2 minutes later at 8:02pm and artwork loaded fine.

Screenshot -

Hi @Milan_Peyrac,

Thanks for the timestamps here. Diagnostics have been enabled and the report will be passed to the team once received. I’ll let you know ASAP when I receive feedback from the team.

Cheers @dylan, appreciate it

Hi @Milan_Peyrac,

If you reinstall the remote app on the Windows machine is there any change?

will uninstall this AM and come back to you within a couple of hours

Hi @dylan

Unfortunately reinstalling Roon client on the same machine did not resolve the issue. Here are the timestamps (AEST). The machine was restarted to simulate as above and my usage.

8:41 - Machine restarted.
8:42 - RoonServer manually started
8:42 - Roon Opened on the same windows machine. Images not loading
8:43 - Shutdown and reopen Roon - No change.
8:43 - Restart RoonServer and images load fine. (left the Roon client open)

Hi @Milan_Peyrac,

Thanks for giving that a try. As a test, I was hoping you could do the following:

  • On the Windows Core machine, navigate to Settings | General
  • You should see the Windows machine name listed here with a disconnect option listed next to it, like this:
  • Choose disconnect
  • Instead of choosing that same Core, choose This PC

This uses the Roon all-in-one install as the Core rather than the RoonServer install. When in this configuration do you see the same issue occur?

If I do this will I need to set it up again in if I revert it back to the RoonServer install. I prefer the roonServer install as I don’t need to have a roon client up on my windows machine and can control through other devices.

Do you want me to just test it in this instance?