Local album not available

Discography shows that the local album is available (Beck - Morning Phase) but when showing only local albums it is not there and I cannot play it.

The album is on my hard drive, in case anybody wants to ask. :grin:

In the overview Page ist is there and can be played, soallgood.

The track lengths on The Golden Age are different, perhaps that’s why the versions aren’t behaving?

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You are right, strange…
I need to investigate.

See of change is also different, but my version is the MFSL version.
The morning phase I have to check, which one I have.

Something is still fishy…
My local album of morning phase is still missing in listing of My Albums. ???

I am on build 884.

Ok, found it under versions and made it primary.
Roon is very complex, I still have a lot to learn.

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