Local audio out problems with a new powerbook

new powerbook, existing roon server installation.
there is another existing powerbook client on the network.

problem 1) the new powerbook does not show up as its own output device, but
instead has the name already in use by the other powerbook. Editing the
name on either changes it on both machines.

problem 2) from the roon client on the new powerbook, choosing what claims
to be the local “System Output” and pressing play causes playhead to move through
each song quickly, playing nothing.

problem 3) from Settings, attempting to enable Builtin-Output (coreaudio) spins forever without enabling.

I am able to play through other remote outputs (eg, the airplay to mac mini) fine.
I’ve tried disconnecting/reconnecting from the server, no change in behavior.
The new mac was set up using Migration Assistant from the old one,
maybe there is some old state hanging around?

Hi @will_welch,

This behavior can occur when Migration Assistant is used to set up a new device and the old one is still in use. Since everything is transferred exactly as it is on the other machine, this can confuse our device identification. I’ve sent instructions in a PM.

I hope you mean a MacBook not a PowerBook. Yes migrations and time machine restores are not a great mix with roon