Local Boston NPR station will not work with Internet Radio

It is Christmas eve and I’m trying to listen to Boston’s famous “Christmas Eve with Oedipus.” on WGBH.
The TuneIn link is: https://tunein.com/radio/WGBH-897-s28957/ and works fine in my Chrome browser.
It fails in Roon with ‘Transport: failed to load media.’

The station’s website gives:
Here’s the direct links to our online radio streams:

That link also plays fine in my browser but is not recognized as a valid radio station in Roon.

This is disappointing that something that should be so simple and plays on any device I have that runs a modern browser does not work consistently with Roon :frowning: We’ve had this stream work before as I listened to the same show last Christmas Eve. Last time I complained about a station that stopped working I was told the radio station must have changed the stream format; either way, my expectation is if my browser happily plays the current stream format my pay-per-month Roon application should be able to…; sorry, I’m a bit frustrated, but it is Christmas Eve and this is a great show that I want to listen to in a room where I only have a Roon endpoint located.

I’m running Roon 1.5 363 stable 64 bit on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit…

Hello @Deene_Dafoe,

The default WGBH stream is in the MP2 format, which is a legacy format that Roon does not support. However, after some snooping around, I was able to find an AAC encoded stream that works just fine in Roon!


Enjoy! :christmas_tree:


Excellent; thank you very much for the Christmas Eve response!!


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