Local files playlists

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I know that maybe this has been discussed a lot of times but I would like to really encourage Roon team to have a closer look to how playlists of local files are managed. I think that something so basic as “create an automatically updated playlist” using a local folder as a source is something that a software like roon needs to have as a must.

I have thousands of albums in my NAS, but also have quite a lot “compilation folders” with songs from multiple artists and I do not fancy at all going artist by artist, song by song to compile them in a playlist. I just drop those files to the same folder, so why not just tell Roon "hey, just read these files and create a playlist…"

I come from MusiBee, which is totally FREE and, believe me, they have the BEST software for managing local files.

Now I’m lifetime member of Roon and I’m missing too many options I had in Music Bee (regarding local files, other things in Roon are just great!)

I really hope that Roon team takes seriously local files playlists, because is something that NEEDS TO IMPROVE.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

I would like to support this and first show an alternative solution.

Roon reads the favorites and also the playlists from Qobuz and Tidal, so the playlists have to move to Roon via this detour.

Every local playlist and also playlists from other stremaing services are transferred with TuneMyMusic or Soundiiz for example. This goes up to 1000 songs with TuneMyMusic free of charge and also by drag&drop one from a list

Artist1 - Title1
Artist2 - Title2

Artist1000 - Title1000

about 950 to 980 titles are reliably recognized. Half of the missing tracks are actually missing, the others can be added manually. S gives an export list what did not work automatically. Be careful with Deezer, there is more recognized, but often as karaoke.

What is then, for example, Tidal, can be further processed in Roon to choose exactly the album or release that gets the most love.

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