Local files showing as "Unavailable", can't be played :/

I have a specific album I wanted to play today - “Sade - The Ultimate Collection” - don’t judge :wink:

It is identified properly in Roon, shows Disc 1 and Disc 2, all the tracks are identified properly, and the file properties of each track show the file is in place, it has DR calc, etc., but all the tracks (all of them!) show as “Unavailable” and Roon will not play them :frowning:

No amount of re-identifying, re-scanning, etc., will make the tracks playable again - what can I do?

UPDATE: This morning, I only had ~4,800 albums in my library (out of a normal total of 6,243) :frowning:

Given that other players (JRiver, Audirvana, etc.) still showed ~6,200 albums each, I rebooted the Roon core, and suddenly all the albums came back, etc., including the Sade collection listed above.

So this particular issue is “fixed”, but a bit disconcerted that ~25% of my library can “vanish” without warning - hopefully, just library management “growing pains”.

Can you let us know about your setup, especially the details of your storage?


I have two external drives, directly connected to my Roon core machine via Firewire. Stereo PCM files are all in my iTunes library on my “Music” drive (but just set up as a watched folder in Roon), and DSD and multichannel files are on a separate drive (“Media”).

At the time the Sade files were showing as “unavailable” in Roon, they were accessible and “playable” via any other player, and the file details were actually shown in the Roon library (e.g., file path was shown and correct, DR ratings were available, etc.).

As I mentioned, this morning I noticed many of my files had “disappeared” from my library overnight :confused: At the time, the tracks view showed something like “72,000 of 102,000” (so it knew I had 102,000 files, but was only showing some of them ??), and only about 4,800 albums were showing. After I restarted the Roon server process on my core machine, all 102k files were suddenly in the library, and all 6,200+ albums were available again.