Local Internet Radio Balance issue

Hope the new Radio directory sorts out the issue I have with local stations only playing out of the one speaker (left one).

It never used to happen, but after the last big 1.6 software update it started, and has stayed that way ever since. Don’t really understand why it happens because all other overseas Radio stations play via both speakers, just the local one’s have issue not playing from the right speaker.

I’ve reloaded the radio stations again with no resolution, but if I play the station via link on Tune-in they play fine on my laptop, just not via same link loaded into Roon.

Hi John,

I shifted this into Support to see if some investigation can sort out what is happening here.

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Hi @Celts88,

Can you share a link to one of these stations that you experience this issue with?


Don’t know what’s happened, but all stations working as normal now.

I haven’t listed to them for a while due to the issue, but maybe one of the updates cleared it up and I wasn’t aware.

Sorry for the trouble, happy for you to close the ticket.


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Appreciate you raising this as a ticket.

PS - all sorted now :+1:

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