Local media proxy location for added Tidal albums

I’ve been putting some PDF sheet music in my album folders recently. Nice to listen to a Schubert symphony and have the score available. It’s a huge plus that I can easily access the PDF from the Album Details screen (the downside is that specialized music apps can offer a lot more than the basic PDF reader, but Roon can’t be a jack of all trades).

This is not about notated music, even if I would love to see a thread on how Roon can fulfil wishes from musicians - amateur as myself or professionals.

It is about collecting and curating information of all sorts related to the music, record sleeves, photos, reviews … .
What got me thinking was when I read about “Louis Armstrong The Decca Singles 1949-1958”. The four-disc set was available from TIDAL. A 50,000 word essay by Ricky Riccardi can be downloaded from

This would be really nice to have accessible while using Roon.

What if I could define a proxy location on my local media for Tidal album that I have added to my library, to store this additional information in.

Is this, or variants of it, anything that has been discussed?