Local music, still relevant?

It totally depends. I don’t have very much interest in the big names, and anyway they are available one way or the other. But the catalogs of most bands I care for are available on Bandcamp. Sometimes it’s the only place where the full catalog is.


Lets agree to disagree

Its is a great place where I and many other buy most of our stuff and we ill push it as much as we want thank you.


This is pure judgment on your part, FWIW. Many here adore bandcamp, some use it as their primary source of music. The diversity of music taste around here is one of the most remarkable things about this community given that we’re here for one very specific music product. Bandcamp doesn’t really help me out much given that a lot of what I listen to today is classic jazz and classic rock and classical, but younger me would have been all over it. Hope I don’t come off as lecturey - I just think that if you read how much many here think it’s the best thing since sliced bread & for some the only source of new music it could feel a bit personal to say “let’s stop pushing it as some great place to get music”. </soapbox>

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Bandcamp has a few bands that a like but everything would be more in the “indie” category. Maybe not totally unknown but nothing popular by a wide audience either.

Not really a great source for music really.

I love the concept of Bandcamp and I wish all the artists I cared about were on there with all of their work. It would be great if I could buy the latest mastering of Steely Dan’s “Can’t Buy a Thrill” in DSD on Bandcamp. But, sadly, that is not the reality of the situation.

Many people do love the content on Bandcamp. But, those “many” are in the minority as Bandcamp does not have even a tiny fraction of the best artists from the past or the present.

Again, I wish there was more mainstream music there…because I would buy as much music as I could there so the artists or their families received a fairer percentage of the sale.

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I didn’t say you could not promote Bandcamp…promote it all you want…I just said don’t push it as a great place to get music. It’s a great place to get music from a subset of esoteric artists, You can’t get just anything there.

I have no idea why this thread has suddenly become derailed. You seem to be criticising Bandcamp because it doesn’t have the music that you like. Bandcamp has a huge number of artists that would certainly be described as mainstream, lauded critically and commercially.

You seem to feel the need to belittle other people’s musical tastes and I’m not sure why. You like Steely Dan and that’s great. I like Bjork, Wilco, The National and many other well known artists that are available on Bandcamp, and that’s great too. These artists are not “esoteric”.

Bandcamp is often promoted on this forum because it offers a way for artists to make a little bit of money from the music that they produce. Nobody has claimed that it covers all aspects of music, even popular music. It’s great for what it is, if what is it is is what you like.


No. I did not criticize Bandcamp. Read what I wrote and you see that I love what Bandcamp is for the artists there. There just isn’t a lot there that most people are interested in. I am glad there is a lot there for you…and probably thousands of others here. But, that does not change the fact the site has limited reach and cannot be promoted as a place that most people can find the music they are looking for.

I just checked to see if Jenna Mammina had any music there. Nope…

Not sure any site can hold that claim. Qobuz only has one Jenna Mammina release , and there is a track on Bandcamp with her singing on so not nothing, limited yes.

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We’re going round in circles so I’m out. I’ve got music to listen to, all of which is available on Bandcamp, starting with this beauty

Apparently Jenna Mammina likes to cover his songs!

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Please define ‘most people.’ And why do so many want to live in a one stop world these days? Remember when you had to take the bus to different record stores to find what you were after vs just click to a few different websites? Oh, the horror, the horror….

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I consider 310th in the world to be very popular with a wide audience.

Bandcamp doesn’t have every artist in the world on it but it’s not a service with just unknown indie releases, there is a lot more music on there than you may think.

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Just a gentle reminder: this thread is about whether local music files are still relevant, not about whether Bandcamp is still relevant. :grin:


I just bought another 4 albums tonight, but also signed up for Sublime tier on Qobuz to get the discounts on purchases as I have a lot to get this year and it does save me money overall after a few purchases.


I applaud anyone who buys the music; don’t care where. :grinning:


Sublime is definitely worthwhile if you’re planning on back catalogue enhancements.

I am planning that and backups off some more blackstuff ones.

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Got some bargains on the Qobuz sale over the weekend including the full Doors studio albums for under £10.
I feel I have earned a fair chunk of my Sublime payment back in the 5 weeks I have owned it


Il be checking that out on payday.

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Thanks for the tip! Bought the Doors collection (were missing a couple of their releases) as well as this one: