Local music, still relevant?

So, here’s the reason to maintain a local collection… Dark Side of the Moon, not available on Qobuz or Apple Music (except track 9):


Yes. Super annoying and for the only pro local files point. But then I just wait until rights are re shuffled.

More annoying is Roons continued lack of being able to find unavailable albums in your library. If it can show it’s unavailable as metadata then surely it can focus and find them if they added it as an option?

It’s available to me through qobuz just fine. And they have currently a pink Floyd sale in the qobuz store :slight_smile:

They will have swapped the version that was added to his library, which they do all the time and it’s left orphaned in Roon for eternity unless you delete it.

Oh , to bad roon doesn’t recognise that and replaces the unavailable version


It’s been asked but it’s not possible apparently but I can’t see why they can’t flag it’s unavailable to the user before hand it knows it’s in your database after all and it knows it’s not available then you can swap it for the new one, but no you have to wait until it either doesn’t play or you see it when clicked into it. Bad implementation of this side of things.


One version is…and not the latest.

The Qobuz version of “The Dark Side of the Moon” that has only one track available to play is the 2023 remaster so it is not an old version. So they didn’t swap anything here.

Neither version on Qobuz is the best so I am glad I have the 2003 SACD which I think is the best version…

Oh you are right. There’s already one track of the 50th anniversary edition. Never listened to the SACD version. :slight_smile: to bad it’s not available as digital purchase

I don’t and won’t own it so can’t say what version is best, I just find it dull as dishwater, I lost complete interest in Floyd after Barrett departed.


Pink Floyd’s best work came after Syd was kicked out of the band…this was nothing like Genesis losing Peter Gabriel!


Good one. Now that’s bad … :face_with_peeking_eye:


That’s the new 2023 remix for the 50th anniversary. simply not released yet


Careful. I’m told you can be ex-communicated in these parts by not liking the Floyd. :wink:

I’m rather partial to a bit of Dark Side, but can’t go crazy over the entirety of their catalogue.


I just dont get the fuss about it. I know its influenced a lot of acts I listen to and I can hear this but it really doesnt do anything but leave me cold, I tried The Wall again recently to test gapless in Qobuz and ended up not really listening to it as I zoned out of it. They are just not for me at all.


:scream: Heretic :roll_eyes:
I just picked up a new vinyl copy of DSOTM this morning as the original is part of my missing vinyl box. First visit to HMV in many a year.

Not going to pay £30 each for vinyl, but 3 for £55 not too bad :+1:t2:

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When I first got into pink Floyd it was basically all I was listening too . But I like only the stuff with Roger waters.


Aha.  :grinning:

Hunted high and low for theirs ……


Sorry, but you are looking at the 50th anniversarry PRE-RELEASE, available for streaming 1 month from now (source: Qobuz)
The 2011 remaster is available both for streaming and purchase (in promo right now)