Local PC not showing in Audio Settings


My local PC does not show at all in the audio settings. I cannot play Roon music back on my PC. I have already tried turning off all firewalls completely and ensuring the raat server and roon have full private and public access through the firewall. What other troubleshooting steps can I try?

I am using Windows 11 and have the latest realtek audio usb driver too fwiw. I am on Roon versions 2.0 build 1169 64-bit.

Is your Core on this PC or somewhere else?

My core is on a NUC on the same network, both hardwired ethernet cable to the router. I have a macbook and that works just fine and so does my other windows 10 laptop, so not sure what the issue is with my new desktop PC here.

I am using link aggregation with 2 ethernet cords from the router to PC so idk if that has anything to do with it?

And presumably you have Roon installed and running on your new PC?

Yes, I do. I can connect to all of my other devices on the network and use Roon on this PC as a remote for those devices, but just cannot see any output connections from my local PC I am typing from right now with Roon installed.

Hmm, usually this is down to Firewall settings on the PC, but you’ve checked them (and even turned off the Firewall temporarily as a test), and they’re OK.

Not sure about this, let’s wait for @support to chime in after the weekend.

Well, I have no idea why it just started working, but it did. I restarted Roon several times, and unplugged and replugged a usb cable going to a different device from the Roon NUC and now for some reason it is working on my PC and all local PC outputs are showing in the ‘This PC’ section of the Audio settings, which was not there before at all… I am happy but still curious what the source of the issue was.

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