Local playlist, history all gone

theres any way i can get back my playlist and my music history back ? i was setting up a roon core and i think i screw everything up :S

Welcome to the Roon community, @Gustavo_voigt.

If you have setup backups, you can use these to restore a previous state.

unfortunately i don’t have the backup on i was hoping that you guys keep some kind of database on your own servers ? idk

All DB backups are local to each user I’m afraid.
Maybe now would be a good time to start scheduling a backup on a regular occurrence.

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ohh man i don’t understand how activating the rooncore erase all my data it shouldn’t be that way … :frowning: anyways thanks for reply

It shouldn’t. Perhaps you should explain exactly what you did.

basically all this ; https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/rock-install-guide

So it seems you did a new install rather than activating or reactivating the core.
Where were you running the core before? On a pc? If so you could restart that core and do a backup.

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ohhh i got it , i’m so stupid lol , know i kinda understand how this works . i was able to log in back to the pc (roon core ) and i see all my data … Thanks garym


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