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Unfortunately, I’m not only new to Roon but I’m new to Mac. I have a new mini. I’ve installed Roon. I see it in The Apps folder. It works. I can play music.

I need to add the exported output from Sooloos. But, before I do I need to move the Roon Database off the system disk onto a Raid I have waiting for it.

How do I do this?


From the Roon Knowledge base:

You can find your Roon folder (or RoonServer folder) by following these steps:

  1. Open Finder and click Go in the top bar
  2. Hold down the Option key (or Alt)(⌥) to unhide the Library folder
  3. Click the Library folder

I wouldn’t recommend picking up and moving your database. Why do you need to do that? It should really stay on the system disk of the machine that runs your Roon Core.

Are you concerned there won’t be enough space? F.Y.I. the database doesn’t actually contain the music files, just meta-data relating to them.

I don’t think there is an easy way to relocate the database, you will most likely have to do some filesystem directory sym-linking.

Yes, I was/am concerned about space. Yes, I knew the music was separate, but did not realize that it is played from where I put it? My system SSD isn’t upgradeable so I am concerned when I have a few thousand CDs loaded, I might have an issue. I have other, external SSDs and thought they’d be a choice other than the system disk.

I’m confused about the music. Does Roon play it from where I place it or move it elsewhere? Is it not encoded of moved?

It currently has one CD it found and plays but I haven’t a clue where it is physically located.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the knowledge base, (which is how I actually got it working) but given the size, it’s damned hard to find what I’m looking for.

Lastly, to load the Sooloos exported files, do I just copy it to the Music folder?

Thx for the quick and informative answers.

Roon can play music files from multiple storage locations.
In the roon interface got to settings then storage. This will tell you where the music files are located and is where you can add more locations.

Roon will play the audio files from where you’ve put them. It will not import the files into the database. What Roon imports is information about the files.

Did you come across this part of the KB yet:

Hello @Pluto,

As to address a few of your questions:

  • It is not possible to directly copy & paste the database folder between drives as that will cause issues in the future, setting up symlinks is a way to do it but fairly complex and requires technical knowledge.

  • The best way forward would be to leave the database on primary drive and then have Regular Scheduled Backups of your database stored on the RAID volume.

  • Roon plays the music from the original location, the database is used to keep track of your library, edits, play count, playlists, ect.

  • You can find the location of that CD by right-clicking a track inside of it and then press “View File Info” for example this is how one of my local tracks looks like:

  • As for the Sooloos question, what are the types of files you are trying to import? Are they the music files themselves or some other kind of files? Can you please share a screenshot?


Thx. OK. I’ll leave the DB where it is. I’ll keep an eye on it and if it ever grows too large, worry about it then. Perhaps we’ll eventually be able to locate it where we wish.

I’m currently running an Export using Ctl PC. It’s been running over a day so far. I’m hoping the USB disk has enough space. Time will tell.

Once it completes, do I just copy it to the Music folder, as is?

Thx. I have an old IBM keyboard so it took a bit to figure it out, but I now have the library displaying. Thank you.

@Pluto - I would not copy it directly inside of Roon but rather set the USB disk as a “watched location” by following this guide: https://kb.roonlabs.com/First_Launch#Importing_your_music

Basically you would have to go to Roon Settings -> Storage -> Add Folder -> Point Roon to the External USB in the sidebar -> Select This Folder:

Please let me know if that works for you!


Even the largest of Roon databases is still only measured in a couple tens of gigs. It’s just metadata and (cover, artist) images for your library, not the music itself. Put another way, it’s tracking pointers to your music, not storing the music itself. The actual music files are left where they originated (be that in a folder elsewhere on your internal system, an external USB drive, a NAS, etc).

The Export completed after about 36 hours. I did copy the exported data from the USB drive, which I’ll keep as a backup, into my Roon Music folder on my T3 connected RAID. That only took a little over an hour.

Easy Peasy. Roon recognized the data and almost immediately began accepting it.

So, I’m good to go. Thx for all the help. I’m routing music to my ID41 right now. Sounds fine. No discernible difference from Sooloos.

Two immediate requests:

Urgent: Support for Homepod Pairs, I now have three sets of them.

Support for ‘Portrait’ mode on my iPads.

Hello @Pluto,

Glad to hear that the import was successful! As for your other questions:

  • Roon does not support Airplay 2 at the moment and we have not made any announcements regarding Airplay 2. With that said though, you should be able to use the Homepods as standalone zones with Airplay 1 and if you want to use them as stereo pairs, would need an intermediary device making the Airplay 2 connection (system output on a Mac or using an iOS device with Airplay 2 grouping). (See: Apple HomePod Stereo Pair). Please let me know if that works for you.

  • Support for portrait mode on iPads has been brought up with the dev team and a ticket for this issue is in their queue (see: Roon not working in portrait mode on iPad Pro [Ticket In])

Hope this helps.


I know how to route music through phone/iPad to Airplay2; but to answer your question, no it does not work for me. More trouble than it’s worth. I’ll stick with Apple Music as necessary until Roon has an Airplay2 solution.

BTW, Apple has had HomePods on sale this season and they’re blowing out the doors. The demand for a real solution to Airplay2 will only increase.

Thx again. I’m good for now.

Have a great Christmas.

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Thanks for the wishes @Pluto, hope you have a great Christmas as well!

– Noris

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