Locating database remote from local install of Roonserver

OK. I just don’t know this kind of database. That’s alright for me. But how do you explain that a 19200 albums, 207 000 songs database take 20,5 Gigabytes of space ?!?!?!??!?!?! There’s no common sens to that!

And why can we change folder of the DB, move it where we want, easily in the control GUI ? There is my point : Size and location. And location, I can leave with it if it’s a reasonable size. But 20 Gig. Ouf!

I would have thought it is obvious - the database is handling all the objects (artists, albums, performances, compositions, releases, etc.) and their crosslinks - and it is the latter where the total number rises rapidly. Think of the wheat and chessboard problem.