Location added Albums by Focus

I got music on my own disks and i use the Tidal Service.
My library scans all that music and place that in the library.

When i search via focus on for example the componist Chopin and the focus Tidal i see a lot of albums
What happens when i add one of that albums to my library.

Is ther a connection with Tidal so that when i add the album in the library it automatically is added in Tidal.
Or by adding the album do i crate another source?

@Thijs_Postma It is then also visibly added in the app or in the browser under Albums with Heart and could also be removed there again if the album should no longer appear in the library.

This way, you can put together what you like and also have quick access to these albums on the phone app when you’re on the go.

Thanks for the answer. I have checked this. Very good interactio between roon and tidal m

So if i explore music by using focus. I only see music available by Tidal and my own collection.?

Or does Roon use also an own music catalog?

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Roon tries to recognize your local music tracks and also shows your albums that could not be identified (rare gems). However, Roon will not show millions of Tidal in the albums overview, but only those that you have added to your library.