Location of DSD to PCM gain and filter? (Roon 2.0)?

Roon Core Machine

OSX Ventura Macbook Air M1 16GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Cayin RU7 Headphone DAC/Amp

Number of Tracks in Library

26250 tracks

Description of Issue

Some tracks playback have pops and crackles.
My DAC is a DSD dac so I ssume to DSD to PCM filter and DSD to PCM gain boost settings would help my problem, but for the life of me cant find them! (ROON 2.0)



Did you review my answer in your initial post yet?
Did that help?

If it didn’t, not all hope is lost, just use the clipping indicator and headroom adjustment, as explained by Roon here.

Hi, yes thanks! Without help I would have never I have found that muse menu under volume control.

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