Location of Roon Core

I am about to set up Roon and want to know the best configuration.

I have a Windows 10 8th generation i7 laptop with 8GB of Ram and a 256GB hard drive that is my main operating computer. It is not wired into anything.

I also have a fanless Windows 10 9th generation i3 PC with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. This holds my music collection and is wired into a Devialet Expert Pro 220 (via a TV to provide a monitor) and doesn’t currently have a dedicated keyboard. I use Qobuz primarily on the PC.

Both connect to the router wirelessly.

Where should I set up Roon or doesn’t it matter?

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It needs to be on an ethernet connected device for best results.

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Thanks. That might be tricky but may be possible with the laptop.

I started out using my laptop and ran an ethernet cable through the wall from my router to my laptop. Once I was sure I wanted to keep Roon, I purchased a Nucleus. Roon works best on a stand-along device that does nothing but run Roon and stays on 24/7.

You can install the Roon core software on both of your computers and try it both ways. You just can’t have both cores active at the same time.


The PC can be on 24/7 and is only used as a music and video server for the most part. Ethernet will be a problem though. I have BT Whole Home WiFi (connected dishes with ethernet slots), if that could help?

WIFI works well for some/many people.

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In that case, I will try WiFi to start with. Are you now suggesting that the Roon should be on the 9th generation i3 PC with the larger hard drive that is connected to the Devialet or will it make no difference?

That’s where I would put it (i9) and if it’s headless then use roon server as you can control from other machines or mobile devices in the house. If needed can also run roon GUI on the roon server too when needed

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The thing I wasn’t sure about is that computer has a 1TB hard drive with his music on it. Can he install the Roon core on that same drive or should he move his music files to somewhere else such as a USB drive?

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For the avoidance of doubt, the PC is i3 ninth generation not i9

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I think the BT WiFi is likely to be fine, and I would also suggest the i3 as the core instal (ie Roon Server). It’s certainly where I would start.

Is the 1Tb drive also the boot drive?

1TB is the boot drive

You might get away with having the core/server wireless to the router but that depends on how strong your wireless network is. The core will be doing double duty, receiving and sending, over the wireless network and using up a lot of the bandwidth.

I started out that way during the trial, Roon on my PC wireless to the router, and it worked most of the time. But I did have occasional dropouts and pauses.

You will get the best Roon experience with the core on a machine that isn’t used for anything else and is wired to the router. Use what you have and give it a try.

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This! But be sure you have a backup of your music files…

That is a given. All backed up on an external drive already.

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BT Whole Home is mesh network (I think) so should be good; if you can get a patch cable from one of the discs to the i3 that may be even better…

While I am here, should I use the Roon software built into the Devialet or the wired connection from the PC or does it make little difference?

What Devialet device are you referring too? Not familiar with it. I see it now.

Devialet Expert Pro 220, which is described as Roon ready. https://www.devialet.com/en-gb/story-roon-ready/

Reading this page, it looks as if the Devialet defaults to Roon automatically.

Found this.

In Expert Pro systems, Roon ensures PCM 24bits/192kHz quality and DSD64. Stable Streaming over Ethernet and WiFi networks.

Sounds like Roon will see the device on the Network and provide the Roon Ready interface. Ethernet or wireless from the router.