Location of RoonBridge changed, but install script not adapted [regression]

Hi @support team,

You’ve changed the location (apparently) of the RoonBridge tar file: it was on download.roonlabs.com, and now is on download.roonlabs.net.

However, you forgot to change this address in the easy installer script. Which now makes every new RoPieee install break.

Can you look into this ASAP?


.com redirects to .net w/ a 301 – are you not seeing that?

Yes, see the other thread :wink:

the ‘curl’ command in the easy installer script misses the ‘-L’ switch and does not follow the redirect.

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@danny can you have a quick look at my other post?

I think you forgot to change a URL :wink:


we change those after things are more stable, in case the new CDN screws us over… but the old URL should 301 to the new URL.

yeah saw the 301, but that’s not being followed. It just downloads plain html.
So it seems that the curl command in the easy installer script does not follow the 301.

Found it: the curl command in the easy installer script is missing the ‘-L’ switch. That one will make it follow the redirect.

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adding -L… someone will post here when it’s up.


Thanks Danny!

Hey @spockfish, the problem has been fixed, please try again.


Yes it works. Thanks for the quick actions guys!

Bridge install working again. Thanks.

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