Lock screen controls not working on Samsung S21Ultra Android 13 UI 5.1 (ref#KH9NKV) [Ticket In]

Affected Product


Roon Core Platform

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

Roon Core Specifications

Nuc8i5 8gb

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Atom, bluesound node, bluesound powernode, wiim pro, Sonos s1

Home Network Details

Plusnet router, server directly plugged in, Wireless switched off.Unmanaged 5 port Netgear switch. BT wholehome mesh with 5 nodes.

Roon Issue Category

Interface & Usability

Description of Issue

Lock screen controls don’t work on Samsung S21Ultra Android 13 UI 5.1


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I have a Galaxy S20 FE on Android 13 UI 5.1 and have the same issue.

Hi @ged_hickman1 !

Thank you for reporting this issue!
We have a ticket for this and our developers are already looking into it.

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