Lock screen widget freezes ability to lower volume on other apps

Ever since the latest update… The new ability to be able to use an Android phone as a remote during lockscreen is fantastic. The problem is that if the roon app is active, it prevents the changing of ring volume, media volume and all notification volumes via hard keys on my Samsung s9.
Once I kill the roon app, I get control of my volume buttons again.

I have issues similar to this on iPhone iOS15. Everything audio say Instagram and other always starts with full volume on my iPhone now. Awful experience. This even though I unchecked the beta screen control in Roon which I believe is what triggered this issue.

Hey @Christos_Dimitropoul and @Peter_Cantera,

Thanks for sharing your experience after the latest Roon release. We appreciate you including the good and the things that could use improvement.

This topic has been discussed since your post (this is a good time to say how sorry I am for replying this late), but a good resource to understand how this works for both iPhone and Android is this article: