Locked out of my Pi 4 running RoPieeeXL

I wanted to see what my Pi 4 version was and try to login through the MacOS terminal app. It asked me for a password I hadn’t set up, so I went to the .local web UI and set a password and saved/rebooted. Now I’m locked out… If I go to the Web UI it won’t accept the default “root” user name with the new password I just created, if I use the password on terminal it by “SSH Pi@[IP]” it won’t take the new password either… Can I fix this without having to reconfigure my Pi?

What is the default username for RoPieeeXL?

If I remember correctly. It would be root:ropieee

ssh root@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
password ropieee

Don’t know what do do from there however - but at least you’re into the machine…

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This worked, I’m in terminal!! Thanks!
Now, how do I turn off web password in terminal…

So, I can login with SSH with the following credentials:

ssh root@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
password: ropieee

But I accidentally set up a web authentication and can’t login through the web interface anymore…

When I try to login to my .local I’m asked the following credentials, but I don’t know the username…

@spockfish Could you help me with this. I’m trying to avoid resetting the system since my Pi 4 is mounted inside the DAC without easy access to the SD card. What’s the default username for Web Authentication and/or could I tun it off via SSH?


username is ‘admin’.


Thank you! I now realize it was right in front of my eyes… I interpreted “admin” as someone with administrative privileges.

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curious enough about this to ask, but not curious enough to want to break what already works…

what are you trying to attempt/achieve by SSH’ing into the device via terminal?