Locked out of Roon [Solved]

I appear to be locked out.of my Roon program. It wants me to click on support, then I am unable to find / open settings.

On my iPad “remote” it states that “Transport: Couldn’t Connect to HQ Player”.

Where do I start?

I must admit that I am kind of overwhelmed with this. Not easy.


Hi @Tim_Dam ----- My apologies for the troubles here. To help aide in my evaluation of this issue you are experiencing may I kindly ask you for the following information:

  1. A brief but accurate description of your setup as seen here. The more detailed you can be, the better.

  2. Has the machine running your Roon core been rebooted yet?

  3. How long has your setup been in this state? When was the last time it was functioning? Can you think of any changes that may have possible been made in that time? OS updates? Firmware / drive updates?


Eric, thank you. I deleted the software and reinstalled. Now I am a little better off.

I have a network attached HP desktop that hosts the Roon Core, with an external hard drive containing my music files.

Attached to the network I have a Bryston BDP-2. Roon ‘sees’ my BDP-2 as well as what appears to be my entire music library.

However when I select an album and enter play I get a momentary orange pop up window that states “Transport: Couldn’t Connect to HQPlayer”

I’m making progress, but not there yet!

Not an excuse, but I’m of the age that forums are not my thing, and a simple conversation is preferred. I guess I adapt to forums :slight_smile:


Hi @Tim_Dam ---- Thank you for the follow up, I am glad to hear things are on the right track for you :sunglasses:

  1. Based on your most recent feedback:

“However when I select an album and enter play I get a momentary orange pop up window that states “Transport: Couldn’t Connect to HQPlayer””

  • Can you provide me a screenshot of your “Audio” tab found under settings, I’d like to see how you are connecting to HQPlayer.
  1. Furthermore, can you confirm that this the “chain” of communication you are trying to work with:

Roon Core (HP desktop) - > HQPlayer - > Bryston BDP-2

  • Please verify if HQ player is being accessed on the same machine that your core is on.

  • Please verify how you are connected to the Bryston BDP-2.



I believe the HQPlayer is in my desktop, but I’m somewhat confused about the HQPlayer. Is it an additional physical piece of hardware, or configured in the software?

I have my desktop with the Roon core installed on it. My music files reside on an external drive attached to my desktop via a USB cable.

The Bryston BDP-2 is attached to the same home network (as the desktop) via a Ethernet cable. The Roon software sees my music files (on the desktop, my iPad & iPhone), but I can’t get them to play.


Hi Tim,

People usually don’t forget installing HQ Player, which is a software upsampling, filtering and DSP program separate from Roon (you wouldn’t forget paying the licence fee !). I suspect you may not have HQ Player installed and have added your BDP-2 IP address into the HQ Player field of the Networked section of the Audio tab, thinking (rather naturally) that is how you might connect to Networked devices like your BDP-2.

If that is correct and you don’t have HQ Player then the first thing to do is remove that Zone, it’s just confusing Roon.

What should be happening is a big graphic of your BDP-2 shows up in the Networked section as an available Roon Ready Zone and you can simply select it and play music. One reason that might not be occurring is if your BDP-2 is not running the Roon Ready firmware.

I’d suggest updating the firmware on the BDP-2, restarting everything and then see if a Networked Roon Ready Zone appears for your Bryston.

Edit: You might find the Roon Knowledge Base and User Guide helpful. It can assist with a lot of questions, but please don’t hesitate to post on the Forum also; that’s what we’re here for !

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Hi @Tim_Dam ---- Thank you for the follow up. I am dropping you a flag to make sure you don’t miss @andybob 's very concise and helpful explanation here. Please let me know if you need help with anything he has suggested.


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Thank you for your followup, It is greatly appreciated!
With your and @andybob’s assistance everything seems to be running as a proper Roon system should.
Now I will start to learn how to fully embrace the system and all of its benefits along with my new Tidal subscription.
Thank you again!


That’s great to hear Tim. I use Roon/Tidal every day, but I’m still in awe at the places it takes me. I particularly reccomend the links to influences etc. at the foot of Artist entries and the threads in the Music section of this forum.

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@Tim_Dam ---- Happy listening! :thumbsup: :tada:


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