Locking problems

Having locking problem with the bit rate and k.rate,also DSD won’t work,roon won’t lock 24/192 it drops back down to 16/44 with the settings for DSD not working at all,when setting Mac pro midi settings to 24/192 it will play say one album but when go to play another it drops back down to 16/44 which sounds awful,iTunes itself has no problem locking at 24/192,I’m using a PS AUDIO DIRECT STREAM DAC,and the roon settings for DSD are non existence,nothing works,have tried many DSD combinations in the settings with no success,I’m really beginning to find Roon a real pain,my last problem which I posted has still not been dealt with ie the drop outs and closing of the program,also now after the last update I have a new problem,when a album has finished it carries on playing whatever it wants regardless of any settings applied,please help as for over $100 a year this is madness
Yours fox delaney

Which setting(s) have you adjusted?
From your description it sounds like the RADIO feature is still enabled. Can you double check it please.

To be honest I’m a purist haven’t used the radio at all and probably won’t,I don’t even know where it is and I think my sampling rates not locking are a far more important issue to address,thanks foxx delaney

I can’t help you with the samplerate issue, one of Roon Developers will have to do that. However, I did offer sound advice re RADIO … up to you if you wish to listen and act upon it.

Hey @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney – sorry for the frustration here. Sometimes it’s hard for us to debug DACs we don’t have access to, but we do have a DirectStream, so we should be able to figure to figure this out if something is wrong.

First, can you read over this topic about how to setup your DAC and confirm you’re not using your System Output? If you’re playing back audio through the OSX mixer, Roon is not going to be able to send bit-perfect audio to your DAC.

Let’s also get a handle on your current settings. Once you’ve read the above, if you’re still having issues, why don’t you provide some of the information described under the output section here?

The easiest way is to post a screenshot, then we’ll know how you have the DirectStream configured and we can figure out what’s going on.

As @Carl mentioned this is a setting, and can be turned off if you don’t want Roon to pick similar music when the music in your queue has played. More information about this feature is here.

Sorry again for the trouble here @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney – looking forward to getting this worked out for you!

That’s exactly how it’s set up,but have gone though it again with no results,the system output has the enable in blue,as well as internal speaker and Samsung hdmi,the PS AUDIO usb2.0 audio out is enabled under the name ps audio,I’m really at a loss!
Foxx delaney`

Thanks Carl have the tracks playing problem sorted just restarted the Mac Pro thanks for your help!
Foxx delaney

Hey @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney – looks like one of my links in the previous post got messed up. Sorry about that.

Can you give me the information listed under the Output and Media sections here, and we’ll figure out what’s going on?


I’m using a MAC PRO 6 core 3.5GHz Intel Xeon e5 12mb cache with 32 GB RAM,This in turn is connected to a PS AUDIO DSD DAC updated to latest software direct stream Yale,it’s connected via USB using a audio mica pure silver USB cable,my music is supplied from iTunes music stored on a 8TB western digital thunderbolt HD,this is my music ripped over the years from cd ect the rest is bought from iTunes,other music is supplied by Tidal utilizing hifi flac,roon output settings are as I’ve had them set as you described in the last message,tried to send you a screenshot countless times but it refused constantly,none of the roon settings be it normal sample rates or DSD work,last night I used the program Bit Perfect with ITunes and had no problems with sample rate,also tried iTunes independently with also no sample rate problems,another thing I’ve noticed is for some reason in the roon library all my iTunes files are AAC44.1KHz 16 BIT 2 channel 256kbps,where they got that from i just don’t know,ok let’s see what’s next!
Thanks Foxx

Hi @Foxx_Artizan_Delaney – would you try again? I’ve changed a setting on your forum account, so you should be able to upload the image now.

Sorry for the trouble!

i just keep being told the screenshot is to big at 22mb,maximum size is 3000kb which seems small to me!!!

Hey Fox, are you using shift - command - 3? I used it to take a pic of my entire screen and it was 800kb.

Or, if you click on the picture on your desktop, the app called Preview will open it and under the tools menu, you can adjust size.

Cheers, Greg

thanks greg,great advice much appreciated!!!

Actually, that’s kind of hard to read. Try Shift - Command - 4 and then use your mouse to select the area you want to capture. When you release the mouse, it will take the picture.

Cheers, Greg

That one didn’t work my friend😈

Man, that looks like one kick ass computer you have. After you press Shift, Command and 4, then click and hold your mouse button from one corner of the area you want to take a pic of and then pull down to the opposite corner.

It should work.

Cheers, Greg

its the mac pro,its used just for music and movies!

finally i think its done!!

That got it!