Log current Tidal connection issues here

I have noticed periods of time where Tidal is not refreshing. I think this is a Tidal interface issue not Roon, but think it would be helpful to start logging them here.

I have a new playlist that i favorited in Tidal. It shows in Tidal app but not in Roon. I have gone to TIDAL in Roon and Settings/Services and the Tidal update never finishes.

Additionally, the new playlist does not show up in Soundiz.

May 31 – 19:58 (7:58 pm EST)

My favourite TIDAL albums are not showing up in Roon… Artists are

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I had a similar problem yesterday, but could not play any Tidal tacks or update it. I logged out of Tidal from within Roon and then back in again and this fixed it. Have you tried this?

Tried that originally and again today, no luck. My existing content appears but nothing that is new in Tidal.

Sounds exactly like my problem with Qobuz.