Log in to another core

Roon Core Machine: MacBook Pro and Imac

MacOs Big Sur

2 Cores both on Macs (at 2 different spaces)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue


For each time I change Core I need to log in the Mac in use and stop the core at the other Mac.


  1. Is it not a possibility to have the core on both machines at the same time?
  2. When changing core from one machine to another I don’t get all my playlists and my Focus definitions with me. Why.

Best regards Arnt.

Short answer is no. Roon’s license is for one active Core at a time. Two active Cores at the same time requires two Roon licenses. Also, one can not share a library from one license to the other license.

Of course, as you realize, one can have as many Cores as one cares to, but only one active at a time and the others dormant.

Roon’s library is specific to the machine that Core is running on. Different Core machines mean different libraries. To keep the libraries in sync, one needs to do Backups and Restores using Roon’s Settings==>Backup menus.


As long as both licenses are to the same Account, then you can indeed backup and restore between the cores. It is when you have two licenses with two different accounts that you cannot restore between them.


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