Logging out of Qobuz should not be un-configuring Qobuz

At the moment if I need to logout of Qobuz, despite the dialogue, what roon actually does is un-configure Qobuz. Surely they are not the same thing?

When I logout of Qobuz I expect roon to remember my login credentials so I can just log back in without remembering them. Instead roon “forgets” my credentials and I have to re-enter them. Of course 9 times out of 10 I have forgotten them just like roon which means I have to login to the Qobuz app to get new ones. I don’t think this makes a lot of sense.

Just curious, why do you logout of Qobuz in Roon?

I have lost about 300 Qobuz albums from roon with the new 1.6 build. Others are reporting this as well. They are still favorited both in the roon Qobuz section and the Qoboz app. They are just missing from roon itself.

It was suggested that loging in and out of Qobuz might trigger synchronization. There is no difference.

The reason I have added so many is that in almost all cases the metadata was so poor that within roon the albums although playable are almost useless. There is no metadata at all. No composers, no work titles, etc. etc. If I “add” the albums I can edit them. I didn’t realise the integration was so flakey that was a silly risk.

But at least I now know that I can log out of Qobuz and keep roon and Qobuz completely separate. I am noticing all sorts of other integration issues as well. It just doesn’t seem to have been thought through at all. Quite upset about this. Qobuz makes sense to me I have discovered. Increasingly roon doesn’t.

you can use “Disable” instead of “Logout” :wink:

Thanks Paolo,

I realised that after the event. But I am mother toungue English and my interpretation was exactly the opposite. I would expect:

Disable: Log me out and forget my credentials
Logout: Log me out and remember my credentials

Roon does the opposite. Very confusing and not only that unless you have a photgraphic memory for the dozens of logins/passwords you have (which I don’t) then it escalates to a password re-set in the service application.

Sounds like you need a password management application.

Sounds increasingly like the original user base for roon don’t get the difference between a consumer app and a corporate app :grinning:

Whatever. The substance of the post is roon/Qobuz doesn’t work. This leads to a lot of very annoying secondary effects. :grinning: