Login into both Qobuz and Tidal in Roon?

Apologies a very basic question. I just added qobuz having already been using tidal/roon for a long while. Should i be logging into one service at a time or is it okay to be logged into both at once. The whole thing is a bit confusing for me especially when browsing favourite library albums from tidal that are already saved. I don’t have any local library just streaming. When browsing albums that are both tidal and qobuz it seems to prioritise the qobuz version when selecting it.

During the time I used both Tidal and Qobuz I had them both logged in at the same time without any problem. At one point I decided to ditch Tidal and converted my Tidal library with Soundiiz to Qobuz.

I literally just tried this a few minutes ago. What made matters worse was that my tidal 44/16 version of come away with me by Norah Jones was no longer available as a cd album even though i had added it to my library a long while back. Only mqa versions are available now. Apart from that i wasn’t expecting such a large increase in the number of new albums available to me now with qobuz added. That’s great and i think i’m navigating slowly but surely now with both services logged in.