Login Loop Issue on ROCK Server (ref#VPC6E1)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble logging in

Where are you having trouble logging in?

· I can't log into the Roon app

Describe the issue

I have set up two ROCK servers at my different houses in different country. Now I cannot login one of my ROCK, the other one is OK. In this ROCK, it will not show the information that ask me remove the autorization of the other ROCK server. So every time I input my account information from the web browser and jump back to Roon control app, it will circle several minutes and back to the log in page. Now I cannot listen music. Could you please help solve this issue?

Describe your network setup

I use software router, the openwrt system. it works well, I can access all the websites and check the network no problem.

Hi @li_zhi,
We’ve seen a number of users from China run into issues like this recently. Try this solution please: ARC not working: not be able to access Roon server - #8 by hx_sion

Hi @daniel
Thanks for your reply!
But I didn’t find any solution on the post.

My issue is that I cannot log into the ROON not ARC, in my home the same local network.

Now every time after I input my username and password, and pass the two factor verification, it come back to ROON control app but cannot login.

Could you please provide detail solution about that?

My network is using China Telecom Modem as fiber input, use my software router OPENWRT to dial in, and then router through a switcher to my ROCK server.

It is very simple and I didn’t add any VPN for the ROCK server. Thanks!

There isn’t a solution yet. It seems it has to do with the great fire wall. Lot’s of threats in the support forum.

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@li_zhi I should have been more clear; Roon relies on connections to upstream services and addresses that might be unreachable due to your geographic location. Please see the suggestion shared by another user via the linked thread above. This situation remains unfortunately beyond Roon’s reach of influence, but there are steps you can take that will likely allow for a successful connection to upstream services such as this post by hx_sion ARC not working: not be able to access Roon server - #8 by hx_sion

Luckily it hasn’t come this far, yet :wink:

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