Login/Pwd for IQAudio Roon image RC3

Continuing the discussion from IQAudio Raspberry Pi not showing up in Roon:

can not login to the new IQAudio Roon RC3 image…can anybody provide Login/Pwd to be used?

Why do you want to login? It’s not necessary.

If you are wanting to upgrade the firmware of your RPi2, as I did, then just use an SD card that has the standard Raspbian distro on it. Boot that up and login with the standard pi/raspberry combo.
Upgrade the firmware, and once that’s done, rewrite the SD card with the IQaudIO RC3 image. Then you’re all set to use the RoonReady IQaudIO endpoint.

If you want to modify the image, then I think you are going to have to wait until the RAAT software is released by Roon and then build your own with whatever you want in it.

RC3 is only a beta release from IQaudIO and I think Gordon at IQaudIO doesn’t want anyone messing with the beta image he has released, which is supposedly to iron out any final bugs that we as beta testers find.

Well that’s what I hope as I want an image to fit on a wifi enable PI3

I see a need for login info to use any of the Raspberry remote apps on app store or google play. It would be nice to have the possibility to power cycle one or all endpoint(s) when needed without having to run around the house to do so.

But then again nice, not an absolute need…

I’d like to login so I can setup the wifi

Anyone has any info on this? What is the default root password on this image?

If my memory serves me correctly rc4 was the first iqaudio image to allow login. Use std rpi name and password.

I would recommend running DietPi. It works great on my IQAudio boxen

They won´t publish the pwd. I contacted support, and they said that they had “a specific agreement with roonlabs” that prevented them from having an open pwd to access the image.

They also suggested (like jaapaap wrote) to use DietPi if we need to access the Pi.