Login to Tidal not working

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Synology DS218

Orbi Mesh network

Wifi connection / Mac

After updating some network settings Roon can’t connect to Tidal anymore.
It takes a lot of time to logon to Tidal and after 10 minutes I get the error: network problem.
But there is no network problem.

Have you re booted your Roon Core? Always worth a try…

Thanks, done that twice… Did not help…
Maybe in the background the Core is adding all the Tidal albums in my Core again. I will try again tomorrow…

Hi @RM_Kamphuis,

What network settings did you change here, was it the DNS servers by any chance? I would also try rebooting the router to see if that helps, but my suspicion is that one of the changed network settings is preventing a proper connection to TIDAL’s servers. If you change the setting back, are you able to connect to TIDALs servers again?

Hai Noris, thanks for the suggestions. I only changed the wifi channels of my network so that was not the issue. I found out what was: I installed VPN recently on my Synology. After resetting my network, VPN caused Tidal to not login anymore. Switched VPN off, logged on to Tidal and restored VPN again. Now it works fine. Installing VPN on a logged in Tidal is ok apparently but when installed you have to be aware of login problems. Hopefully this helps others as well! Kind regards, René

Hi @RM_Kamphuis,

Thanks for letting me know that the issue was the VPN! VPNs can cause some strange behavior in Roon, so if the issue re-occurs do try to disable it if not in use. Either way, glad to hear that the issue is [solved]!

Goodmorning Noris,
Is this issue on Roon’s to be solved list? This morning Tidal was unreachable again. I would like to use my VPN and Tidal both.
Kind regards,

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Hi @RM_Kamphuis,

Generally speaking, VPNs are a bit trickier to setup just right to ensure that all the data passes through properly.

I can’t say exactly how you setup your VPN or if there are any settings that you need to change to ensure reliable communication with TIDAL login servers, but if the issue only occurs with the VPN active it is possible that the VPN is blocking these requests.

If you are having issues logging in to TIDAL without the VPN active, we can help, but troubleshooting specific VPN configuration settings is not something that we can assist with.

The funny thing is that Tidal directly is not affected by the VPN but only through Roon it has this problem…

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