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I have started to experience the same problem. A week or so ago, Roon flashed up an error screen saying I wasn’t logged in to Tidal and inviting me to retry. I did and it logged in ok. Now when I try, it refuses and when I re-enter my details under settings it just says “bad username or password”.

Tidal is working ok via the app in iOS and I’m also able to access via Linn Kazoo control app


Hi @Ian_Forber,

What kind of Core are you using, what is the operating system?
Can you try logging in to the TIDAL web player via a browser on the Core machine?

Everything has gone from bad to worse!

My core is on an underpowered NAS (QNAP HS-251) with the database on an external SSD drive connected via USB3. Connected to a Virgin Superhub 3 router, which is also connected directly to my Linn Majik DSM. Library is only about 200 ripped CDs on the NAS plus another 100 or so albums in my Tidal faves.

Despite being below the recommended spec, it all worked fine until a week or so ago (using control points on my iPad and iPhone). Virgin router is stable and operating fine, as is my internet and Wifi.

My initial problem was being unable to access Tidal, but I could see and play NAS tracks via Roon. After my post here, I logged on to my NAS and noticed that the external SSD was not visible in the admin screen, despite it being physically connected. I rebooted the NAS. No luck. So I unplugged the SSD and reconnected. NAS then saw the SSD. Sadly, Roon would then not even connect and was prompting me to choose a new Core. With no other option, I clicked yes, it then goes to the next screen in which it shows me the NAS as an option, but when I click it, Roon just hangs and won’t go to the next step.

So, no more Roon. My Linn still works fine using the Linn Kazoo control point on my iPad and iPhone and Minimserver on the NAS, including Tidal integration. Plex is also working fine on the NAS for serving up my ripped DVDs and Blu-ray films (again with Tidal visible and usable as implemented by Plex).

At least this has happened before my subscription is due for renewal next month! Looks like I’ll have to live without Roon as I can’t justify buying a better NAS when everything else is working fine.


Update. Another restart and Roon on my iPad found my Library ok. Signed in to Tidal successfully so back to normal. Fingers crossed it stays that way…


Hi @Ian_Forber,

Glad to hear you’re up and running again after a few more resets.

We have often seen issues surrounding ISP-provided routers and as such, we suggest replacing them with a consumer-grade router as mentioned on our Networking Best Practices Guide.

Plex is also an aspect to consider as I have sometimes seen reports of Plex using the same ports as Roon. If this behavior occurs again, I would verify what the behavior is like if you temporarily disable Plex and reboot the NAS Core.

Thanks for the tips - I’ll keep them in mind (but hope I don’t have to use them!)


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