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I recently upgraded my Mac book pro to Mojave operating system and I’m having a problem logins into Roon… please advise… thanks

Hey @Bobby_Stankov — Thank you for reaching out to us, and apologies for the difficulties here!

Just to clarify, are you able to open Roon but just cannot login, or is Roon not opening for you at all?

Thanks for the prompt reply. I can’t open it at all. I’m sending also photos to see what exactly is going on

You might need to reinstall the latest Roon version if you hadn’t updated Roon since before 25th sept. But also check the privacy settings in Mojave to ensure Roon option is ticked.

@Bobby_Stankov - from the error message ("SPMediaKeyTap…") I would think this actually causes the issue. The Privacy setting for Roon needs to be like this:

I just installed a larger SSD in my MacBook Pro, and restored my system from TimeCapsule. I am on Mojave. I enable Roon in Accessibility as shown above, and also re-downloaded and re-installed Roon. (Oddly, when installed it said the new one was an older version, but I installed anyway. Still getting stuck logging in. Just get the pulsing Roon logo with the message “Logging in…”. I was already on Mojave before I replaced the disk, and had no problems before.

Everything else is working without issue on my laptop.

Have you checked the firewall settings? Is Roon still allowed to communicate?

I don’t have Firewall enabled on the Mac.

For clarification, the Roon core is my MacBook Pro.

Also, If I go into Roon Preferences (while the logo is pulsing), it says I’m logged on. If I click on Logout, Roon goes back to asking me to select the Core.

Really weird, because I didn’t need to do anything special for Roon when I updated to Mojave a couple of weeks ago.

And I even rebooted the Mac but it didn’t make a difference.

I finally got it working. I disconnected the Core from the Preferences menu and was able to login (and had to relogin to Tidal), but my library was empty. So I restored from the latest backup.

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